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Expore soccer world cup team statistics

If you are a soccer (football for rest of the world) fan, check out this cool interactive team level world cup statistics from 1930 to 2010 on

Couple of trivia questions:

  • Which teams have maximum number of draws in a given tournament and how many?
    • Ireland in 1990 and West Germany in 1978 with 4 draws each.
  • Who has most wins in a single world cup tournament?
    • Brazil had 7/7 wins and ended up being the winner in 2002 with 18 goals.

Well, you got the idea. Browse around and have fun with your friends. For even more details on all things soccer/football, head over to


ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, and SuperFlyDOM

What is JQuery? “A new type of JavaScript Library” Jquery really made my UI developement Fun. If you are not familiar with JQuery, i strongly suggest you check it out. We can do more with less code using JQuery.

And then there is ASP.NET MVC to make make web development clean and TDD friendly. If you are not familiar with ASP.NET MVC you should check out Scott Gu’s Blog posts on different previews (currently Preview 4).

There are quite a few articles on how to integrate ASP.NET MVC and JQuery to make our lifes happier. A simple google search for “ASP.NET MVC with JQuery” return quite a few articles.

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ASP.NET MVC Live Example – DealFlakes

I have had been using as my technical playground for a while. I have experimented with some cool AJAX JSON based communication and some nifty Server side tricks. With the arrival (well, the previews) of ASP.NET MVC, I was so excited that i wanted to re-write the on MVC framework (not a lot once i know what i wanted to do and how to organize the data).

DealFlakes is basically a Deal Aggregation portal !

  1. JQUERY (for communication and User Experience effects)
  2. LINQ – (Linq-to-SQL and Linq-to-XML to talk to my data stores)
  3. And at this point ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 (I love the caching and Authentication modules in this preview)
  4. SQL Server (2005) with some XML files
  5. And hosted on IIS7 (Windows Server 2008)

I have learned quite a bit of JavaScript while working with Jquery and i encourage all of you to have a look at it. I am sure, you are going to love it. And my CSS skills are getting better :) Well, layout is kind of similar to Digg, umm(they invented the wheel)!!!

Any how, if you are a bargain hunter and would like to keep some money in your pocket (May be more available balance on your credit card) you should check out I am going to keep this as a serious website and not going to play with it any more (at least that effects the Functionality and User Experience). And yes, i will be adding some very exciting features very soon. So, stay tuned.

Go DealFlakes…


Moved to Windows Server 2008 Hosting

The move to windows server 2008 is mostly done. I have the sites hosted on server 2008 and i still need to update my mail servers. It took a while to get them running but i am happy that its done.

I had some trouble with web.config file migration in the beginning (need to migrate web.config file to work on server 2008’s integrated mode).

All the projects i am working on going through a face-lift at this time. I will update the progress as i make them available.

Thanks for your time..

Misguided AdSense ads from Companies-Is it right

Misguiding advertisements on AdSense? How bad is it (if at all)!!!

I have couple of blog posts on my journey to find a reasonably priced (read, under my budget) windows server 2008 host with decent SQL Server 2005 data storage space. Like you find in most blogs, i have AdSense all over my blog:( So, i was going through the blog the other day and found a new advertisement for SQL Server hosting.

Having done substantial research on the existing hosting providers, i was surprised with this new provider. For a second, i thought may be i didn’t really search right!!! With Google’s AdSense TOC in mind (i believe i should not click on the AdSense links on my own site :) ), i patiently opened a new window and typed in the site’s name. Well, I got a web site that has nothing to do with either SQL Server or Hosting. I guess they choose to bid on SQL Server hosting related keywords (May be they are cheaper compared to the right keywords in the market sector they are in).

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Google finds something wrong with this search

Today, I was trying to find some good resources on Forms Authentication for ASP.NET MVC framework. So, i typed in “ mvc forms authentication”. Google surprised me with the search results.

For some reason, the search phrase “ mvc forms authentication” looks like an auto-generated search! Umm, i am sure i have searched before along those lines with out any problem. Any one ever had this issue!!

Check the below screen shot..

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Search for new windows server 2008 host continues

As i mentioned in my previous post, i have signed up with Basic VPS plan (running Windows server 2003). Even though i was able to run the application with pretty url (using ISAPI ReWrite Lite), i had few issues with the approach.

My biggest concern is the testing! I develop on Vista running IIS7 and to deploy it on Windows Server 2003 running on IIS6 seems to be a big risk. I don’t have any Windows server 2003 machines to set up a stage environment! So, to minimize the potential risk, i am again in the hunt for a hosting provider with Windows Server 2008. I have upped my budget to $70-80 per month.

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Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS

After spending good amount of time on trying to find a hosting provider to host my MVC application, i have decided to move up to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is still running IIS6 on Windows Server 2003 but at least gives me the option of installing a ISAPI rewrite module.

I could not find a decent host with the following requirements for (under)  $50.00

I was looking for

  • Windows Server 2008 (for IIS7)
  • Decent amount of storage (about 5-10 GB)
  • Reasonable Bandwidth (Not sure, but may be around 100-200 GB)
  • SQL Server Space min 1 GB (The most important thing)

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