Misguided AdSense ads from Companies-Is it right

Misguiding advertisements on AdSense? How bad is it (if at all)!!!

I have couple of blog posts on my journey to find a reasonably priced (read, under my budget) windows server 2008 host with decent SQL Server 2005 data storage space. Like you find in most blogs, i have AdSense all over my blog:( So, i was going through the blog the other day and found a new advertisement for SQL Server hosting.

Having done substantial research on the existing hosting providers, i was surprised with this new provider. For a second, i thought may be i didn’t really search right!!! With Google’s AdSense TOC in mind (i believe i should not click on the AdSense links on my own site :) ), i patiently opened a new window and typed in the site’s name. Well, I got a web site that has nothing to do with either SQL Server or Hosting. I guess they choose to bid on SQL Server hosting related keywords (May be they are cheaper compared to the right keywords in the market sector they are in).

In any case, i was thinking…Is it OK to advertise for something to make a user click on that link they offer complete different business model. Considering it is an online entity i was out of there in a second. But, how would we react if a Brick-and-Mortar store does this to us? You see a restaurant name out side only find some weired stuff in side?

Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

The website i was talking about is www.sortprice.com and see the image.

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