Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS

After spending good amount of time on trying to find a hosting provider to host my MVC application, i have decided to move up to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is still running IIS6 on Windows Server 2003 but at least gives me the option of installing a ISAPI rewrite module.

I could not find a decent host with the following requirements for (under)  $50.00

I was looking for

  • Windows Server 2008 (for IIS7)
  • Decent amount of storage (about 5-10 GB)
  • Reasonable Bandwidth (Not sure, but may be around 100-200 GB)
  • SQL Server Space min 1 GB (The most important thing)

Those were my requirements! Am i asking for too much? Not sure, but could not find a host offering the above hosting package under $50.00. If any hosting provider(s) reading this post, there is a sector not covered!!!

The biggest problem i see with most hosting package is the SQL Server Space. Some of them offer as much as 50MB (Not a TYPO). 50MB? and let me install up to 6 Databases each with that size. I am not really what i could do with 50MB, esp – my app regularly pools data from different data sources.

With all said and done, i have signed up with a Basic VPS package on I was not sure what to expect when moving from a shared hosting to VPS, but i was in for a big surprise.

On shared hosting, all i needed to do was upload the files and make sure my connection string are properly mapped! On VPS, i have this server (clean slate) that need to configure as per my needs. I am installing .NET 3.5, SQL Express, ASP.NET Preview 3, Configuring my emails (POP3 and SMTP). Big Change!!! i am not even at half way through my set up and would write more on how it goes…

If you are moving from a shared hosting to either VPS/VDS or Dedicated Server, plan on setting aside some time for deployment. Good Luck :)

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