Search for new windows server 2008 host continues

As i mentioned in my previous post, i have signed up with Basic VPS plan (running Windows server 2003). Even though i was able to run the application with pretty url (using ISAPI ReWrite Lite), i had few issues with the approach.

My biggest concern is the testing! I develop on Vista running IIS7 and to deploy it on Windows Server 2003 running on IIS6 seems to be a big risk. I don’t have any Windows server 2003 machines to set up a stage environment! So, to minimize the potential risk, i am again in the hunt for a hosting provider with Windows Server 2008. I have upped my budget to $70-80 per month.

Mean while, I have tried/tested and I would try to elaborate more on that some  time.

I finally found that my current host (where the application is current running), is providing Windows Server 2008 (from today!!!). I have asked them to upgrade my account to the Server 2008 platform. They are usually pretty good to respond, lets see what happens this time.

Note : This domain ( is hosted on Media Temple. So far, i am happy with them for the price and features.


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