My new Vista does not connect to Internet

I wanted to play with the Orcas Beta and really don’t want to mess up my existing dev environment. I am running Vista 64 Bit Ultimate with reasonable configuration. I dual boot my laptop with Vista 64 and XP MCE. Since I have not used/logged in to my XP in a long time, I thought of upgrading it to Vista 32 Bit. I guess I could download Virtual Server copies with ORCAS on it, but decided to update my XP. why 32 bit? Well, my 64 bit Vista is crawling at times and I wanted to see if 32 bit is any better (matured). Surprisingly, 32 Bit vista seems to be faster for me!!!

Any how, after the good upgrade, I have all the drivers resolved and windows did all its updated. And I was ready to connect to the Internet for the first time on this OS. I Could not get in to the Internet. I tried and tried by renewing my IP, disabling/enabling my network connections, wired/wireless and after good 3-4 hours with my limited networking skill, I kind of gave up for that time.

But, I was back to the issue after an hour and after enough poking around the Google from other computer, I found out that I could get to the Internet using IP address rather than the domain name.

Ex. I could load Comcast webpage using their IP address but not their domain name,

The domain names are not properly resolved in to IP address with DNS server! This is the only machine I could not get to the Internet in my home network and in fact, I could get to the Internet from the same machine when I log in to Vista 64 Bit.

I have no clue what is going on, except may be windows update is messed up some where and I am probably going to reinstall and rollback the updates if possible!

I am curious if any one out there had similar issue or know a solution and I would appreciate any response. I would post if I make any progress here…

After some google search, i found a solution.

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