Beginning of a unique GoalFace fan page on facebook

I am on a quest to create one of a kind unique fan page on facebook.

In case you don’t know yet, I have had been working on a football (Soccer for us, living in USA) venture,, for a while with a group of football fanatics! Happy to say that we are now on alpha and please feel free to check it out to experience best football community experience.

Few weeks ago, while I was having my daily dose of techcrunch, I stumbled on this post about creating One-of-Kind fan page on facebook. Not having done much on facebook, I have decided do something like that for GoalFace.

My initial version simply followed the directions to a static custom home page for GoalFace (with a home page screen shot). Then, I felt little ambitious and started exploring ways to make it dynamic. I came across this post while looking for ways to bring the dynamic content.

With simple show/hide logic at my disposal, I ventured into creating GoalFace Tour page on facebook. Well, after couple of hours later, I have a simple, slide show looking, GoalFace fan page on facebook.

My team has some very innovative ideas on extending our facebook presence. I will be updating my blog as I bring them to life. Mean while, please feel to drop a line or two.

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