.Net 1.1 to 2.0 conversion mistakes

Over the past week i have been working on a conversion (.NET 1.1 to 2.0) project. It started as fun and turned out to be little tedious !!!

First of all, its a big solution with around 25 projects (both C# and VB.NET) and quite a good amount of ASP code, doing various tasks…

The first part of the project turned out to be simple…

Goal : Make this solution run under .NET 2.0 framework and upgrade to WES3.0. Continue reading .Net 1.1 to 2.0 conversion mistakes


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Whats wrong with this Combination!!!

I would appreciate if some one could tell what is wrong with my computer.

My Intel Core2 Duo T5600, 1GB, 3.1 windows Vista rated laptop running Vista 64 Bit Ultimate with Avast 64 bit anti-virus scrolls most of the times…

There is not much that could go wrong with the Hardware while i could add some more RAM. I feeling is its either Vista 64 or Avast 64 (or the combination of both).

I am planing on having my laptop running on dual boot one with Vista 32 and Another with Vista 64 to see which works better in reality :)

I have read that Vista 64 is not matured and at times slower compared to 32 bit Version and also read that Avast Anti-virus could be making my system slower…

The irony with Antivirus is that i have bought Microsoft live One Care but it is not for 64 Bit Vista !!!

Any thoughts!!!